28, rue Münster, L-2160 Luxembourg-Grund

Located in the Grund area of Luxembourg City, today it houses the offices, an art gallery, a bistro/bar and a well equiped theatre.

The former prison workshop, also known as Tutesall, is home to a 283-seat theater which is equipped for music, plays, dance, movies and projection conferences. The gentle and warm aura of the room, the velvety darkness, the overpowering presence of wood, the soaring ceiling, the lighting, the openings to the outside and the spectacular aspect of the Krudelspuert (door of the fortress exposed during the contruction of the Wenzel circuit) give this room a very special aura. An atmosphere of intimacy can be felt, no borders separate spectators from the actors or the orators, the first row of seats having been installed on the solid dark wooden planks of the stage.

A basement refreshment counter allows for receptions and brunches. It also offers the possibility of buying drinks during intermission and has a terrace which is open in fine weather offering a view onto the Alzette and onto the walkway of the Wenzel itinerary.

This magnificent auditorium is named today after Robert Krieps, Minister of Justice and Culture, who, as a former deportee imprisoned at the age of 17 in the Grund prison, had the idea and the will to transform this former place of detention and sadness, into a place of culture and exchange.

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Arenbergstraat 28 2000 Antwerpen

A cool, professional, 800 seat venue used by BATS Antwerp as their FEATS venue.

Website (NL)


Not so much a venue as a concept

If I remember correctly, the Cafe Villion events were more like a play reading with an audience.

I was only involved in one unfortunately. There are rumours that NWTC are about to resurect the Cafe Villion event. Let's hope so.


1, place Marie-Adélaïde L-9063 Ettelbruck

A cool, professional venue used by NWTC as their FEATS venue in 2006. Excellent staff, fully equipped professional theatre. What's not to like?

On-line rider

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Rue de Souverain 183, Auderghem, Brussels

A 665 seat theatre. Exceptionally friendly, professional staff and more lighting equipment than I would ever be able to use. Love working here!

On-line rider

Jack and the Beanstalk plans (VSD)

Website (FR)


93 avenue Charles Thielemans 1150 Bruxelles

A fully equiped theatre used by the ECC as their FEATS venue.

Lighting plan (PDF)

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13, rue du Château, L-3217, Bettembourg

Located in the centre of Bettembourg in the south of Luxembourg the Château de Bettembourg has a history starting in 1733 when it was built as the residence of a farming family. Today it houses the offices and services of the local commune as well as an art gallery and a well equiped theatre.

Power for lighting is not a problem with circuits dedicated for the purpose. The dimmer packs are located in the green room stage right. With 32 channels that can be patched out to 60 locations on-stage and each of the minstrels galleries there is enough flexibility for almost any production.

Lighting is controlled from inside a soundproof booth at the rear of the audience balcony. Not the best but workable.

SHSN plan (VSD)


Beekstraat 172, 1970, Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgium

A community hall and theatre complex used by the ECC as their FEATlets venue.

Website (NL/FR/DE/EN)


7 Rue de Treves, L-2632 Findel, Luxembourg

An unusual underground venue. Nice and cosy, seating around 80 people under a popular bar near Luxembourg's airport.

No issues with power in this small venue and there is trussing aplenty. Normally rigged as a nightclub, you will need to be sure not to interfere with the owners own "disco" lighting when rigging. Comfortable though. A nice place to work.

Translations plan (VSD)


36 rue de Gasperich, L1617, Gasperich, Luxembourg

For many years this was the "go-to" venue for many smaller productions. The caretaker and his family always gave us a friendly welcome and even went on to join us on stage for several productions. The venue has a small, raked stage with a small dressing room stage right. The hall is open and unobstructed with wheelchair access via a side door. Lighting is best controlled from the old projection booth upstairs (Yes, it used to be the local cinema too!) where you will find a 32A power supply and a patch panel leading to the on-stage sockets. 32A power is also available from the kitchenette where there are 3 outlets.

WARNING - One of the kitchenette outlets is dodgy and should not be used. You will find it when you plug in and hear a loud rattle from the fuse box.


36 Boulevard Pierre Dupong, L-1430 Luxembourg

A nicely equiped school auditorium. Featuring a quarter-circle raked stage and a small stock of lighting equipment. Dedicated power supply and enthusiastic students.

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42 route d'Arlon, L-8210, Mamer, Luxembourg

A relatively new and well equiped cultural centre in Mamer. Friendly, professional and reliable staff. More kit than you will ever need. Orchestra pit and hydraulic stage.

Tech rider (PDF)

Blank plan (VSD)

Oliver! plan (VSD)

Website (FR/DE)


Korte Voorhout 3, 2511CW, Den Haag

A full on, professional theatre in the centre of The Hague. This venue has been used by the AATG for FEATS and other shows. It's worth it!

Lighting plan (PDF)

Website (NL)


116, rue de Luxembourg, L-4221 Esch-sur-Alzette

Originally the local abatoir, this space has been, and is being, transformed into a multi stage theatre complex.

Website (FR/EN)


Kurhaus, Louisenstraße 58, 61348 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe

A really nice, if slightly dog-eared, 1250 seat theatre. Friendly, professional technician and enough lighting equipment. Nice place to work.

Base plan (PDF)

Website (DE)


2 rue Général Patton, L-4277 Esch-sur-Alzette

A new school multi-purpose hall. Nice lighting equipment consisting of 4 ETC Source4LED (Direct) profiles, 2 Martin Rush MH5 profiles and 4 Martin MAC101 moving washes. Friendly technician but they do not know how to work the kit they have. Adding additional equipment to the auditorium truss is forbidden (and if you see it, you'll know why).

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157 avenue Pasteur L-2311 Luxembourg

A school multi-purpose hall. No lighting equipment and limited power (1 x 32A stage left).

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122 rue de l'Alzette, L-4010, Esch-sur-Alzette

A 500 seat professional venue. Fully equipped and staffed. Although the staff are prone to taking tea breaks.

Kit list (XLS)

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194, route de Longwy, L-1940 Luxembourg

A warehouse on the outskirts of the city. It has a bigger name than heart. Fully equipped and professionally staffed but a bit shabby to look at.

On-line rider

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45 rue de l'Avenir, L-1147, Luxembourg

This is often a rehearsal space but I have also helped out with a few IB drama projects. The school has it's own small stock of lanterns, dimmers, a lighting desk, trussing and harting cabling.

Einmal um die welt getraumt plan (VSD)

Boardinghouse plan (VSD)

Website (FR/DE/EN)


Rue Waelhem 69A, 1030, Schaerbeek

In 1994, the American Theatre Company, the English Comedy Club and the Irish Theatre Group purchased a complex now known as The Warehouse. It now houses a club room, two rehearsal rooms, a workshop for set construction, a props room, a costume room and storage space for sets.

The groups also bought the adjoining ceramics workshop, which was then transformed into a 65-seat studio theatre. These three community theatre groups also form the Co-operative Association to Support Theatre (CAST), which meets every month to discuss management and maintenance issues.

Since 1994, generous individual and corporate donations of over €250 000 have helped pay for the constant upkeep of the property.

Cosy theatre space with seating forming an "L" shape on two of the walls. Very low ceiling and aging power supply but reasonably well equiped. A nice place to work.

LX Spreadsheet (XLS)
Website (EN)


45 rue Ermesinde, L-1469, Limpertsberg, Luxembourg

Reasonably well equiped for small productions. They will, and often have to, hire in any equipment you need. They INSIST that they hire a techie for you and you have to pay. No options!

Just Another School Shooting plan (VSD)


40, boulevard Pierre Dupong, L-1430, Luxembourg

Apart from being impossible to pronounce, it's a school. No. it's the offices of the school authorities. No, it's a theatre. Reasonably well equiped but very cold.

Base plan (VSD)

Statics plan (VSD)

Website (FR)


Rue de la Forêt, Schifflange

A community hall used by Jugendmusek Shëffleng.

Lighting schematic (VSD)

Lead sheet (XLS)


Drop me a line using the contact form if you want to use any of this kit.

8 x Eurolite Theatre Spot 500w Antihalo PC. All have barndoors and gel frames.
4 x Eurolite 650w Multi-PAR with barn doors/gel frames. Run very hot. Replace lamps with 500w
3 x Spotlight Sintesi Figura 05ZW 650w Profile. 23/40 degree zoom profile. M or B gobo.
1 x Spotlight Sintesi Figura 05ZS 650w Profile. 14/33 degree zoom profile. M or B gobo.
1 x Eurolite Moonlight 1000w Follow Spot. Noisy fan and case rattles.
1 x Manual colour changer for Eurolite FS . Makes the FS front heavy.
12 x Eurolite 50w PAR16 "Birdie".
9 x No-Brand 500w PAR64 Long with CP62.
2 x No-Brand 500w PAR64 Long. No lamp. Spare parts only.
2 x Eurolite 4m 85Kg Lift stand. Heavy!
2 x Eurolite 3m 15Kg stand. No heavy loads!
1 x No-Brand 1m 20Kg stand. Suitable for follow spot
4 x TV Spigot adaptors
2 x Truss adaptors
2 x T-Bar.  (8 position, 4 over/4 under)
3 x Eurolite RGB Flood Batten 3 x 500w. Dichroic glass RGB filters
4 x Garden store single 500w flood. Best used for house lights
4 x Eurolite DTB-405 4-channel Dimmerbar. 20A total load.
2 x IbizaLight LED RGB PAR3 (12 x 3w LED)
4 x Marq Lighting Colourmax P18 LED Wash (18 x 1w LED)
1 x JBSystems Light CMX24 12/24Ch scene setter. Currently not working. In for repair.
1 x Chamsys Basic USB --> DMX dongle.  Time limited to 4 hours operation, then needs to be power cycled.
1 x Eurolite bubble machine. Not as bubbly as I'd like but works.
1 x Stairville SF1000 Smoke machine.
1 x Low fog bucket. Home-made addition for SF1000 produces low-laying fog.
1 x Stairville SD-300 Hazer. Never used!
1 x Varytec LED Aqua FX. Used once. Not powerful effect.
2 x Black light tubes. With stands and hooks
4 x Colored LED tubes (Red, Green, Poypul, Pink)
3 x Multi-colour rope light 5m. Party light really.
2 x Police strobe RED! Party light really.
1 x No-Brand 300w strobe.
2 x No-Brand LED strobe. A bit blue and not so bright.
11 x No-Brand PAR36 Pinspot.
1 x Strand SD6 Dimmer pack. 16/32A 3-phase in - 6 x 2Kw Schucko out
1 x Showtec Dimmer pack. 16/32A 3-phase in - 6 x 2Kw Schucko tails out
1 x Stairville MK3 DMX Splitter. 1 in 4 out.
6 x DMX Cables. 2 each of 5m, 10m and 20m lengths
5 x DMX Cables. 1.5m
1 x DMX Cable. 0.5m
10 x Schuko extension cables brown. 5m length
Many Schuko extension cables black. 3m, 5m, 10m & 20m
Many Schuko dominos. 3-way and 4-way multi sockets.
4 x 32A 3-phase cables. 10M length
2 x 32A to 16A adaptors. Handy!
2 x 32A breakout box. 32A in - 2 x 16A out and 2 x 240 Schuko out
6 x Motorola Talkabout T5422 walkie-talkie.
2 x Motorola Talkabout T5022 walkie-talkie.
3 x Motorola headset - Boom mic.
1 x Motorola headset - Covert, in-ear. On loan to Lycee Michel Lucius (Blondie) - Never returned!
8 x No-brand headset - Boom mic.
1 x Behringer Xenyx 1002FX audio mixer. 10 input (2 with XLR & Phantom 48v)