Posted 14th May 2016.

Written by Charles K. Freeman.

Directed by Neil Johnson.

Musical Direction Philip Dutton.

Performed 20th to 24th October 2010

at the Maison Syndicale, Dudelange.

A Pirate Productions production.

N.B. Lighing Design by Matthew Swithinbank, Lighting operator Matt Green.

I was a stage hand for this one.

We are in the wild, lusty, warm and humorous Old West of Deadwood City, Dakota Territory, 1876. Our story tells of famed Calamity Jane who dresses, rides and shoots like a man, but given the proper chance can be a beautiful girl who hankers for love. The man of her life may be the dashing Lt. Danny Gilmartin or the justly famous Wild Bill Hickock.

Henry Miller (“Millie”), owner of Deadwood’s hotel-bar-theatre, nervously awaits the arrival of the lovely actress, Frances Fryer, to embellish his show. His niece, Susan, assures him that Calamity will bring the stagecoach to town on time. And so Calamity does to the sharp and singable beat of Deadwood Stage.  But the "actress‟ turns out to be a young man, “Francis” and not “Frances” of the hoped-for opposite sex.

The show must go on, and Millie contrives to dress Fryer as a woman, but when the latter’s wig falls off during the show, the local characters rise in noisy anger. Only Calam’s trusty pistol restores order; also her promise that Millie, to make amends, will import to Deadwood the east’s most glamorous star, Adelaide Adams herself. The men are overjoyed, but Wild Bill, Lt. Gilmartin and Millie know full well that Adelaide Adams wouldn’t be caught dead in Deadwood. Calam, after a rip-roaring song-battle with Wild Bill (expressed in I Can Do Without You), storms out headed for Chicago.

Calam mistakes Adelaide’s maid, Katie Brown, for the great actress herself. Before she is aware of it, she is stage-coaching Katie back to Deadwood where Katie is greeted in high excitement as the famed Adelaide Adams.

Unnerved by Fryer when he becomes aware of her true identity, Katie breaks down at the opening show, and only Calam’s masterful control of the audience saves the day. Bucked up by Calam, Katie gives a show-stopping performance. All of Deadwood’s hearts are won, not the least being the hearts of Danny and Wild Bill. Believing she needs chaperoning, Calam moves Katie into her cabin.

After a ball given in honour of the new commander at Fort Scully, Calam, dressed in Katie’s finery, is the belle of the event. Her hour of triumph explodes when she finds Katie with Danny. In a fit of jealous anger she orders Katie to leave town, but Wild Bill corners her and reveals to the inner Calam that she is a real woman, despite the fact she professes to act like a man. She learns that it was Bill all the time (not Danny) she loved. Her realisation is expressed in the hauntingly lovely Secret Love (which won the film an Academy Award).

The show closes joyously, with all of Deadwood’s citizens attending a triple wedding, that of Calam to Wild Bill, Katie to Lt. Gilmartin and Susan to Francis Fryer.


Posted 14th May 2016.

Performed 13th to 16th May 2010

at the Kurtheatre, Bad Homburg.

A FEST production for FEATS.

FEATS (The Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies) is four days of competition among English-speaking amateur theatrical groups from all over Europe. Each evening consists of first-class performances of three one-act plays.

The festival also includes a free Fringe Festival, consisting of various types of entertainment, which takes place throughout the afternoons during the festival.

FEATS 2010 will be hosted by the Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre group.

FEATS 2010 saw me working behind the scenes again as I volunteered to be a member of the Festival stage crew. I ended up being the Festival lighting director.


Posted 14th May 2016.

Written by Linda Lang.

Directed by Kim Lang.

Performed in April 2010

at Schutrange Community Hall, Schutrange.

A Musical Fans Schutrange production.

Part I performed at Schutrange Community Hall in April 2010

Part II never made it to the stage (Shame).

unter der Regie von Kim + Linda LANG

Sprache : Deutsch

Lieder : Deutsch

Alter : Fuer die ganze Familie

Dauer : + 2 Stunden

Inhalt : Wir werden sie in die Welt von Walt Disney entfuehren, indem wir Ihnen 6 verschiedene Werke aus des Meisters Kueche praesentieren.

unter Kim’s Regie : Aladdin / Hercules / Mulan

unter Linda’s Regie : Peter Pan / Pocahontas / Alice im Wunderland mit Hilfe von Miriam Schuster und Laura Vordermayer

Dieses Projekt musste in zwei Teile aufgeteilt werden ‘Tribute to Walt Disney I’ mit Aladdin, Peter Pan und Hercules und ‘Tribute to Walt Disney II’ mit Alice im Wunderland, Pocahontas und Mulan.

Directed by Kim + Linda Lang

Language: German

Songs: German

Age: for the whole family

Duration: + 2 hours

Content: We will take you into the world of Walt Disney, by presenting you with 6 different works from the master’s kitchen.

Under Kim’s Direction: Aladdin / Hercules / Mulan

Under Linda’s Direction: Peter Pan / Pocahontas / Alice in Wonderland with the help of Miriam Schuster and Laura Vordermayer

This project had to be divided into two parts, ‘Tribute to Walt Disney I’ with Aladdin, Peter Pan and Hercules and ‘Tribute to Walt Disney II’ with Alice in Wonderland, Pocahontas, and Mulan.


Posted 16th May 2016

Written by the Two Shades of Blue team.

Directed by...  That's a good question.

Performed 15th to 17th January 2010

at the Château de Bettembourg.

A Two Shades of Blue production.