SHOWS - 2001

Me and My Girl


Posted 13th May 2016.

Written by L. Arthur Rose and Douglas Furber.

Directed by Carole Williams.

Performed 28th to 30th June 2001

at the Théâtre Municipal, Esch-sur-Alzette.

A Pirate Productions production.

“It’s quite difficult for me to write anything on this as obviously I am biased BUT as nobody else has sent anything in I am happy to say that I think it was a great show!! I feel very comfortable to say that as it obviously wasn’t all down to me. So many people made it all happen and the cast rose to the occasion brilliantly, every single one of them. I’m not going to go into individual thanks here as that was all done at the party on the Saturday night but personally it was a wonderful experience, I learned a lot and made a few mistakes on the way but that’s the only way to learn unfortunately. I thoroughly enjoyed being in Esch and hope that we will be able to continue to do shows on a big scale like this from time to time as well as the smaller productions.”

Carole Williams

“Just to say ‘well done’ on last night’s performance. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, the whole cast was marvellous. You all did a wonderful job. Am looking forward to the next production”

“I really liked the musical on Thursday the 28th. It was absolutely fantastic, are they professionals or normal private people as me?”

“Really, Really Good. Please keep me up to date if a similar thing is happening again.”

“The show was fantastic – I really enjoyed it – well done”

“Great show! Well done! and especially Carole Williams”

“Roy reckons it is the best one he has seen”

Working with professional technicians in a “real” theatre was always going to be a good experience. They guys at the Esch municipal theatre passed on more knowledge than they thought as I questioned every move and was quizzed about my plot and cue sheets. The end result was undoubtably a fantastic show.

The opening moments with action in front of the tabs, opening the tabs to “zoom” in on a low lit scene behind white scrim, flying away this scrim to “zoom” in on the opening scene set this off to a good start every evening.

Even the scrim in the picture frames for the magically appearing ancestors was tight (I heard the audience gasp!).


Posted 29th April 2016.

Written and directed by Jan Horsburgh.

Performed 3rd June 2001

at the Koninklijke Schouwburg, Den Haag.

A New World Theatre Club production for FEATS.

First "Canon", by Jan Horsburgh, an original script, by The New World Theatre Club, Luxembourg. A wonderful set, terrific use of lighting and scrim curtains, and varied levels and areas of work. Amy, dying in a home, relives her life and the awful effect upon her of the death of her mother, her life in innocence with her father, her marriage, and death of her baby. And we discovered who was really to blame … A wonderful beginning, let down by a lack of volume and conviction from the characters upstage of Amy, who herself gave a great performance, even to reliving the kicks and blows from her angry husband. (Yes, I did think Margaret Love merited Best Actress!)

Mrs. Russell gave us a lot of information (which could perhaps have been included in the programme, as it gave details of the style of acting required and costumes and whys and wherefores – an enormous long amount of information. Good direction for positions (although they weren’t always quite in their light), good costumes and attention to detail. Unfortunately it needed more projection from those up-stage, and a quicker pace, Charles the father needed to vary his tone more. Kevin was a strong performer full of passion, anger and stage presence, Amy gave a lovely performance and the Nurse was good.

This was my second production for the FEATS and full of surprises. Actors on different levels and a huge apple tree on a scrim curtain. Overall I was pleased with the effects and emotions but next time scrim is involved I know to keep it tight and straight.