Posted 13th May 2016.

Directed by Carole Williams.

Performed 24th to 27th November 1999

at Gasperich Parish Hall.

A Pirate Productions production.

Another opportunity for the gang to choose their (and your?) favourite

bits from hit musicals. Loosely based around the theme of auditions.

The lighting mans nightmare. “I just want working lights” said the Director. 

There followed a series of “Can I have more light over there” moments during rehearsals. Having a lamp blow on opening night seemed to be an omen. In fact, out of 5 performances, only 1 was fully lit. 

Loads of lessons learned from this production.


Posted 29th April 2016.

Written by Hugh Leonard.

Performed sometime 1999

somewhere in Luxembourg City.

A Round Tower Players production.

A Life is a bittersweet comedy by Irish playwright Hugh Leonard. The primary character is Desmond Drumm, a highly intelligent but bitterly cynical civil servant who must try to make sense of his life after learning that he has a terminal illness.

A major subplot involves Drumm's feeling for Mary (once known as Mibs), the only woman he ever truly loved. Drumm alienated Mary years earlier, and she married a lazy, callow, layabout who represents everything Drumm dislikes in lower-class Irish culture.


My third attempt at stage lighting. I learned a lot from this one.


Posted 29th April 2016.

Directed by Adrian Diffey.

Sometime in 1999

at the Cafe Villion, Luxembourg City.

A New World Theatre Club production.

A few of the sketches you know and love holding together an evening of exploration where we re-discovered some of the lesser known Sellers moments.

This should have been an easy one but as it was my first solo effort, I made a meal of it. 10 lights, two of them 500watt floodlights, gave me the minimum (and maximum) of possibilities. The performance space was very small so colour was not going to improve anything for this production which was on 3 levels in 4 areas of the (small) room.